[Nut-upsuser] APC Back-UPS ES 650 connected to a Synology DS411slim

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 12:38:03 UTC 2015

> On Oct 14, 2015, at 12:01 AM, Daniel Green <ddgreen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I found their source code for what appears to be the previous version of DSM (their OS), the most recent entry in the NUT Changelog is:
> 2012-05-31  Arnaud Quette <arnaud.quette at free.fr>
>         * [r3643] NEWS, UPGRADING, configure.in, docs/website/news.txt:
>           Final update for 2.6.4 release

I think that "driver.version.internal: 0.38" puts your version a little later than that (after NUT 2.7.1), but this is more for my own curiosity at the moment.

> Ah ha. Nevermind the above, I tried just running upsmon and that worked (with settings taken from upsd.users on the NAS). Somehow I didn't realize upsd was not required.

Especially given all of the new topologies with NAS systems, we could use a few more diagrams to clarify this.

> However, I do have a follow on question. The only entry in upsd.users on the NAS has 'upsmon master'. Can I run upsmon on my desktop as a slave, or do I need to create another user in upsd.users on the NAS with 'upsmon slave'?

I would consider this an implementation detail (though not likely to change): the "upsmon master" permissions are a superset of the "upsmon slave" permissions. You should be able to set up your desktop as a slave using the existing upsd.users.


Charles Lepple
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