[Nut-upsuser] The system doesn't shutdown

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Wed Oct 28 13:24:42 UTC 2015

On Wed, 28 Oct 2015, George Anchev wrote:

> Beautiful! The shutdown succeeded.

Did you see a line in the journal similar to this ?

  Oct 06 22:49:54 pinta nut-delayed-ups-shutdown[1854]:
                  nut-delayed-ups-shudown.service calling
                  upsdrvctl to shut down UPS unit

> However there was no any notification on desktop at

I'm guessing you use KDE and this may be a problem in the default way KDE 
treats the output of the "wall" program.  I don't have a KDE setup to test 
with, but try looking at KDE's System settings -> Common appearance and 
Behaviour -> Applications and System notifications -> Manage notifications 
to find out what is happening.

It may also be something in your mesg y/n setting.  What does "mesg" 

> One thing that caught my attention: I have disabled the 
> nut-delayed-ups-shutdown service one day ago (many reboots since then) 
> in order to avoid the effect of the UPS self-shutting on normal reboot. 
> After this last test right now, and after the system shut down 
> completely I plugged the cord in and booted. However during the boot 
> process the UPS powered off while the power was on and the boot was not 
> yet complete (argh...). Then in a second or two, without me doing 
> anything, the UPS got back ON and I started the computer - this time the 
> boot was clean, without power off.

> It seems this solves the problem to have a clean reboot without UPS 
> powering off. However it looks like a misbehavior after all because the 
> UPS is not supposed to shutdown if the nut-delayed-ups-shutdown service 
> is disabled, right? Or is anything else shutting down the UPS itself?

Its systemd trying to "help" you.  OpenSUSE 13.2 includes a delayed UPS 
shutdown script in /usr/lib/systemd/system-shutdown/nutshutdown . I 
suggest you comment out the command in that script.

> Another thing (a bit of a side question, I hope it is ok to ask): During 
> the last 3-4 months (using simply KNotify about UPS connection states) I 
> noticed that sometimes unpredictably a notification appears that the USB 
> connection to the UPS is lost and a few seconds later another 
> notification appears that the connection is restored. And this repeats 
> to infinity. The only way to get out of it is to shutdown the machine, 
> turn off the UPS, unplug the power and restart everything again. I had 
> no luck finding a pattern when and why it happens. This has never 
> happened before. The batteries are fairly new (changed late January 
> 2015) and there have been no power outages since then (maybe one or two 
> for 2-3 minutes only). However I notice that a short power off test 
> (like the one I just did) makes the battery fall from 100% to 85% for 
> less than a minute and then charges very long to reach 100% again. A 
> friend said he has noticed similar peculiarity with other MGE UPS units. 
> Can you share thoughts on this? I hope you don't mind me asking.

Endless repetitions of (Communication lost - Communication 
re-established): its been reported before in this mailing list for various 
drivers, and others may know what causes it.  I suggest opening a new 
issue in this mailing list with a specific technical description.


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