[Nut-upsuser] UPS/NUT with openSUSE 13.1

Tim Dawson tadawson at tpcsvc.com
Thu Sep 24 16:20:32 UTC 2015

The "#! <shell>" is a *nix thing that exists in every *nix I have ever seen, for as long as I know (mid 1980's for me . . ) and is used to specify what shell is to be loaded to run that script, since there are many, and syntax is not compatible. Without it, the shell already running will try to run the script, which may well bomb, or no shell could be loaded at all.

- Tim

On September 24, 2015 7:52:31 AM CDT, Rob Groner <rgroner at RTD.com> wrote:
>And now....suddenly, and so far unexplainably....it works again.  I did
>the same as before, installed openSUSE 13.1 from scratch, then
>installed the libusb* libraries.  And now...it works, so far reliably.
>I'm certain that there is some micro-step I started doing different
>than last time.  For example, I used to install jedit from the command
>line after install, but I had started installing it at the same time as
>the OS install.  There's NO WAY that should make a difference....but it
>certainly could be.
>I also discovered that the "#! /bin/bash"  comment at the top of the
>shutdown script file was crucial...who knew?
>Thank you all for the patient help.  I'm now putting the system through
>some systematic shutdown testing to make sure it's good, and then I'll
>start again from scratch and make sure I can repeat it, and then I'll
>finally be able to move on with wrapping this thing up.
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>> >As I am not familiar with openSUSE's ldconfig, is there an
>/etc/ld.so.conf or
>> /etc/ld.so.conf.d/* entry >pointing to /usr/local/lib64? I am not
>sure if libusb-
>> 0.1 tries to rerun ldconfig after installing, but if after
>>uninstalling libusb-
>> compat, there are problems linking to the real libusb-0.1, then it
>can't hurt to
>> re-run >ldconfig (as root).
>> There's actually both of those things....ld.so.conf and the
>> directory.  There are entries in the ld.so.conf file for
>/usr/local/lib and
>> /usr/local/lib64.
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