[Nut-upsuser] Liebert PSIXR 3000 intellislot web card support with NUT 2.6.0

Dmitri Stepanov dstep at mail.ru
Thu Aug 18 08:43:28 UTC 2016

 Hi John, do you have the device (which one? An old SNMP WEB or new UNITY DP or something else?) Or you like to buy one?

If you have (or you can buy) the old one SNMP WEB - then nut should work fine with it via generic snmp driver and you don't need anything else.
If you have (or you must buy) the new one UNITY DP - then I can share my snmp subdriver for it, and you should insert this subdriver sources to your nut's source code (it's very simple - add a few string, and this procedure is described in nut documentation) and recompile the nut binaries.
If you have some different snmp card which doesn't work with nut, you should to create the new snmp subdriver. This procedure isn't so complicated and described in nut documentation.

Dmitri Stepanov

>Среда, 17 августа 2016, 10:50 +03:00 от John Huong <jahuong at gmail.com>:
>So what should I do? It doesn't seem to work. 
>On Aug 17, 2016 3:32 PM, "Dmitri Stepanov" < dstep at mail.ru > wrote:
>>Hi John
>>For me an old Liebert WEB SNMP card works fine with generic snmp driver, but new one Liebert IS UNITY DP card makes me to create my own snmp subdriver.
>>Dmitri Stepanov
>>Отправлено из Mail.Ru для Android среда, 17 августа 2016г., 03:54 +0300 от John Huong  jahuong at gmail.com :
>>>Hi Arnaud, 
>>>Can this be used with the latest NUT build? 
>>>On Sep 22, 2011 6:28 AM, "Arnaud Quette" < aquette.dev at gmail.com > wrote:
>>>>Hi John,
>>>>2011/8/11 John Huong  < jahuong at gmail.com >
>>>>>Ok now I've specified the MIB file you've asked me to use for snmpwalk.
>>>>>This is the output for -OS walk:
>>>>>End of MIB
>>>>>On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 2:53 AM, Arnaud Quette < aquette.dev at gmail.com > wrote:
>>>>>> 2011/8/4 John Huong < jahuong at gmail.com >
>>>>>>> Ok. Here we go:
>>>>>>> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.935. = STRING: "Intelligent
>>>>>>> LiebertPSI"
>>>>>>> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.935. = ""
>>>>>>> (...)
>>>>>> this first walk is not useful if you don't have the MIB file installed.
>>>>>> interestingly, your MIB (.935) is not the same as Philip's one (.476), and
>>>>>> seems to be from Phoenixtec.
>>>>>> you should already have it underhand, otherwise you can download it here for
>>>>>> example:
>>>>>>  http://www.icamview.com/pub/pub/netagent%20utility/Upsmate.rar
>>>>>> install it in /usr/share/mibs/netsnmp/ or equivalent on your system.
>>>>>> then do the '-OS' walk again.
>>>>>> and check this thread for a procedure to create a new mib to nut mapping:
>>>>>>  http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/nut-upsdev/2011-February/005272.html
>>>>>> at least, identify the more possible matches, and I'll help you creating and
>>>>>> integrating the files when I have some spare time...
>>>>these last remarks are still valid.
>>>>you will find attached a patch, that includes the necessary files, with a base content and build rules.
>>>>apply it from within the nut source dir using:
>>>>$ patch -p0 < /path/to/xpcc-mib.diff
>>>>then edit drivers/xpcc-mib.c and complete it as much as possible using the above pointed procedure.
>>>>then send back a diff for review.
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