[Nut-upsuser] UPS is not turned off in slave-only configuration?

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Wed Jun 22 15:50:14 UTC 2016

On Wed, 22 Jun 2016, André Hänsel wrote:

> Now, what I see is that when the UPS feeding server-1 goes LB, server-1 is
> indeed shut down, but it seems that the UPS is never switched off.
> This is a problem because when power is restored after shutdown, but before
> the battery runs out (with no load, it continues for quite a while),
> server-1 is not rebooted.

I'm assuming that you have one UPS per server, and that server-1 is fed 
by UPS-1.

When server-1 shuts down, whichever server is in charge of UPS-1 should 
execute command

  upsdrvctl shutdown UPS-1

Does this happen?  Is this command called by a script or a systemd service 
unit?  Is there any trace of the action of that script/service unit in 
/var/log/messages or the systemd journal?


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