[Nut-upsuser] UPS is not turned off in slave-only configuration?

André Hänsel andre at webkr.de
Fri Jun 24 02:15:13 UTC 2016

On Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016 17:50, Roger Price wrote:

On Wed, 22 Jun 2016, André Hänsel wrote:

> > Now, what I see is that when the UPS feeding server-1 goes LB, 
> > server-1 is indeed shut down, but it seems that the UPS is never
switched off.
> >
> > This is a problem because when power is restored after shutdown, but 
> > before the battery runs out (with no load, it continues for quite a 
> > while),
> > server-1 is not rebooted.
> I'm assuming that you have one UPS per server, and that server-1 is fed by

Yes, but they are connected to ups-server, not to server-1. (Because
server-1 has no USB port.)

> When server-1 shuts down, whichever server is in charge of UPS-1 should
execute command
> upsdrvctl shutdown UPS-1
> Does this happen?  Is this command called by a script or a systemd service

I don't know. upsd has to do that when the slave has shut down, or not?
NUT is installed from the Debian (Raspbian actually) jessie package.

> Is there any trace of the action of that script/service unit in
/var/log/messages or the systemd journal?

I have only two UPS-related events in the syslog of ups-server:

(I started server-1)
Jun 24 01:32:58 ups-server upsd[561]: User monuser at logged into
UPS [test-apc]
(Cut the power to UPS-1 and waited for the battery to become almost empty)
Jun 24 01:38:03 ups-server upsd[561]: Client monuser at set FSD on
UPS [test-apc]

I was just about to get the syslog from server-1 when I noticed another
problem. server-1 now shuts down immediately after it boots, probably
because FSD is still set. (I read about it being a latch.)

How is this supposed to work? Is NUT not suitable for setups with
multiple-UPSs where they are connected to one server? Or did I configure it

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