[Nut-upsuser] How to get started (Windows)

Jeff Bowman jeff.bowman at intexx.com
Thu Sep 15 04:25:08 UTC 2016

> >  ups.status: OL
> If ups.status follows the state of line power, the driver is working (and
> upsc talks to upsd, so that connection is working as well).

This is very good news. Thank you for the clarification.

> > It doesn't display the UPS model as indicated on p.21 in the PDF documentation:
> Unfortunately, the text on that page (from NUT 2.4.1) does not reflect the
> current (2.6.x/2.7.x) state of the driver code. Someone must have changed it
> from a printf() to a debug log statement. Noted:
> https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/316

Got it.

> Because NUT does not currently implement Modbus[*], you can ignore them.

Very good, will do.

> The remaining service startup issues are going to need the help of a Windows
> developer, though I would be surprised if they couldn't be worked around with
> a script.

I ended up creating a Startup Task to run 'NUT -N' using Windows' Task Schedulder (taskschd.msc). It doesn't block other startup processes and it appears to work well. (In the Task settings I took care to disable the option to kill the task if it runs past [x] days.)

> A number of ideas have been thrown around for reviving the NUT
> windows port; see https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/5 for
> instance.

I'm just grateful that it exists at all. I appreciate the work everyone has done.

And I appreciate your assistance on this issue. It sounds as though I'm cleared to begin my testing and start moving into production. I think you might agree.

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