[Nut-upsuser] How to get started (Windows)

Jeff Bowman jeff.bowman at intexx.com
Thu Sep 15 04:57:30 UTC 2016

> > The remaining service startup issues are going to need the help of a
> > Windows developer, though I would be surprised if they couldn't be
> > worked around with a script.
> I ended up creating a Startup Task to run 'NUT -N' using Windows' Task
> Schedulder (taskschd.msc). It doesn't block other startup processes and it
> appears to work well. (In the Task settings I took care to disable the option
> to kill the task if it runs past [x] days.)

Follow up: The problem was simply local permissions. The installer creates the service to run under LocalSystem, which for some reason seems to have trouble running upsmon. (I'm not going to try to figure that one out.)

So I changed the service permissions to run under the Domain Admin and now all three processes start correctly:

  PS C:\Users\Admin> Get-Process *ups*

  Handles  NPM(K)    PM(K)      WS(K) VM(M)   CPU(s)     Id ProcessName
  -------  ------    -----      ----- -----   ------     -- -----------
       61       8      820       3780    22     0.02   4748 upsd
       92      10     1404       5204    32     0.14   4276 upsmon
       59       6     1584       4420    25     0.00   3352 usbhid-ups

I'll delete the Scheduled Task and use the service as intended instead.

Thanks to everyone for all your help.

Jeff Bowman
Fairbanks, Alaska

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