[Nut-upsuser] [Eaton 5S 1500] overvoltage shut down?

Spike spike at drba.org
Fri Apr 7 17:56:58 UTC 2017

Dear all,

maybe not strictly a NUT question but I can't imagine a better place to
ask, hope that's ok.

last night we had what looked like a power spike and 3 machines plugged
into 2 Eaton UPS went down instantly. I heard the click the UPS makes when
it shuts the load on the ports and then shuts itself down (ie same thing if
I simulate with upsmon -fsd). The machines instantly came back, there was
no actual downtime, and the machine next to them which is not on the UPS
never went down.

This to me suggests some kind of overvoltage protection or something where
the UPS decided to shut down the load, but I'm quite puzzled by it as I'd
expect the UPS to actually shield the machines from it and certainly not
turn something off brutally like that..

has anybody seen stuff like that before? is this a faulty UPS? both units
are new and from two different suppliers so I'm more leaning toward
something I don't understand than faulty hw.

thanks for any input,

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