[Nut-upsuser] contineously receiving the same values

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 13:16:35 UTC 2017

On Mar 22, 2017, at 6:27 AM, Marc Kessels <marc at kessels.name> wrote:
> with NUT, I am able to connect to the UPS using the  blazer_usb and nutdrv_qx. However, the reported values are constant, and only change if I run the UPSmart tool (It can run in parallel). What can I do to get NUT to receive updated values?

Which version (and how old) is UPSmart?

This just came up in a GitHub issue as well:

> @zykh wrote:
>> In their case, if I recall correctly, the problem was that, using libusb (recte: libusb 0.x or libusb-compat), we can't reproduce the exact sequence of commands which appears to be needed to get valid and up-to-date values from the device. But now that we have a libusb 1.x branch, I think that, starting from it, we could implement something that should work for them.
>> Assuming you have the original manufacturer-provided monitoring program, a capture of it 'talking' to the device could help diagnosing the problem.

> Is there a way to sniff the USB communication of the UPSmart? 


Let us know if you have questions about the capture procedure.

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