[Nut-upsuser] Fatal EEPROM fault!

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Thu Mar 23 15:26:30 UTC 2017

On Thursday 23 March 2017 09:29:55 Sonic wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry if any of this is obvious - I'm new to NUT.
> NUT via upsc is displaying (edited for length):
> device.model: Eaton 5P 2200
> device.type: ups
> driver.name: usbhid-ups
> ups.alarm: Fatal EEPROM fault!
> ups.status: ALARM OL CHRG
> ups.test.interval: 604800
> ups.test.result: Done and passed
> driver.version: 2.7.2
> driver.version.data: MGE HID 1.33
> driver.version.internal: 0.38
> Is this possibly a firmware or configuration issue?
> Does NUT report the firmware version (it's not jumping out at me in
> the upsc output)?
> Can NUT upgrade the firmware on this device? Eaton only seems to have
> instructions for a Windows box.
> Thank you,
> Chris
Linux has a dfu-util, device firmware updater. But I've no clue if eaton 
would allow access to do that via its USB interface.  This is obviously 
independent from Nut.

Have you the file to be used to update the EEPROM with?

Here is its help screen, mat or may not be usefull.
Usage: dfu-util [options] ...
  -h --help			Print this help message
  -V --version			Print the version number
  -v --verbose			Print verbose debug statements
  -l --list			List the currently attached DFU capable USB devices
  -d --device vendor:product	Specify Vendor/Product ID of DFU device
  -p --path bus-port. ... .port	Specify path to DFU device
  -c --cfg config_nr		Specify the Configuration of DFU device
  -i --intf intf_nr		Specify the DFU Interface number
  -a --alt alt			Specify the Altsetting of the DFU Interface
				by name or by number
  -t --transfer-size		Specify the number of bytes per USB Transfer
  -U --upload file		Read firmware from device into <file>
  -D --download file		Write firmware from <file> into device
  -R --reset			Issue USB Reset signalling once we're finished
  -s --dfuse-address address	ST DfuSe mode, specify target address for
				raw file download or upload. Not applicable for
				DfuSe file (.dfu) downloads

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