[Nut-upsuser] APC Back-UPS XS 1500G says "No battery"

Jesse Molina jmolina at swoncology.net
Thu May 11 17:51:09 UTC 2017

I have a new-ish APC Back-UPS XS 1500G connected via USB. It's giving me 
a "ups.alarm: No battery installed!" error. I also installed and 
configured apcupsd to give that a try and it's giving me the same error.

I suspect this is a driver problem because while NUT claims the battery 
isn't plugged in, it's giving me battery runtime/charge info. Both can't 
be valid at the same time.

I am at a remote location from the computer and UPS, so I can't 
physically go over and check. I asked a remote person to physically look 
at it and they said there were no unusual blinking lights or anything 

I send this message previously with debugging output inline, but 
apparently this mailing list only allows messages lesser than 40Kb in 
size, and the message was rejected by whoever the admin is.

user at host>upsc UPS1 at localhost
Init SSL without certificate database
battery.charge: 100
battery.charge.low: 10
battery.charge.warning: 50
battery.date: 2001/09/25
battery.mfr.date: 2016/08/13
battery.runtime: 3345
battery.runtime.low: 120
battery.type: PbAc
battery.voltage: 27.3
battery.voltage.nominal: 24.0
device.mfr: American Power Conversion
device.model: Back-UPS XS 1500G
device.serial: 3B1632X25318
device.type: ups
driver.name: usbhid-ups
driver.parameter.pollfreq: 5
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: auto
driver.parameter.synchronous: no
driver.version: 2.7.4
driver.version.data: APC HID 0.96
driver.version.internal: 0.41
input.sensitivity: medium
input.transfer.high: 139
input.transfer.low: 88
input.voltage: 119.0
input.voltage.nominal: 120
ups.alarm: No battery installed!
ups.beeper.status: disabled
ups.delay.shutdown: 20
ups.firmware: 866.L8 .D
ups.firmware.aux: L8
ups.load: 11
ups.mfr: American Power Conversion
ups.mfr.date: 2016/08/13
ups.model: Back-UPS XS 1500G
ups.productid: 0002
ups.realpower.nominal: 865
ups.serial: 3B1632X25318
ups.status: ALARM OL
ups.test.result: No test initiated
ups.timer.reboot: 0
ups.timer.shutdown: -1
ups.vendorid: 051d

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