[Nut-upsuser] Windows Binary Build settings translation?

Mark TESCO mark.eades at tesco.net
Tue Oct 24 17:03:12 UTC 2017

I have a need to use NUTS on a Windows 2016 Server however as all the 
resources are Linux orientated I am having serious issues getting things 
to behave.

We have a serial Port COM4 attached to a Liebert GXT2-3000RT230 using 
its dedicated cable.

It worked fine when we could use JAVA and the windows 'Multilink' 
software which came with it.

Only MSI I could find in download section - Nut Build 5/3/2014 13:33 290kb

Because of potential file name issues it is installed in c:\UPS\NUT and 
the .\etc files have been tweaked as follows:

NUT.EXE Run as a system service, NUT user has read access to everything. 
Also put .\BIN and .\SBIN in path.




driver = liebert-esp2
port = /dev/ttyS3
desc = "UPS No 2"

NUT as a service starts and stops immediately so I thought I'd try, 
after much investigation, at lowest common denominator and see what the 
Driver is reporting.

In an elevated CMD shell it says cannot find a /dev/ttyS3  so obviously 
reading the ups.conf file and /dev/ttyS3 is the wrong thing to put there.

I don't know how else to translate the device name and I can't find any 
documentation to help with the translation for windows.

Should the /driver = liebert-esp2/ actually read *driver = liebert-esp2.exe*

I can live with a UPS shutdown only system as the scheduled trigger is 
to run a custom EXE i've created so we can do the majority of stuff 
outside of NUT.*

*It would be nice to do battery tests etc but I doubt anyone will be 
looking at this any time soon.*

Fellow NUTters, is there anyone out there with Windows experience and 
this driver ?*



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