[Nut-upsuser] Bug or feature? polling frequency = (pollfreq + pollinterval)

René Berber rberber at fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 20 01:50:05 UTC 2017

On 9/19/2017 6:45 PM, Charles Lepple wrote:

> On Sep 19, 2017, at 1:36 PM, René Berber wrote:

>> My guess is that they are the same version (Synology keeps it updated).
> Is there a way to check which version they are using? (Just curious - probably will not affect the problem you described.)
None I could find, tried strings, might try telnet but my guess is that
it will spew the same modified version string.

Indirectly there is a Synology forum post
where this user says they are installing a very outdated (circa 2012)
version.  No idea how he found that out.

I also tried the open source repository put out by Synology and couldn't
find NUT; which is odd.
René Berber

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