[Nut-upsuser] battery.runtime

Danny Siminiuk daniel at siminiuk.com
Tue Dec 4 15:12:13 GMT 2018

First time poster but I've been using NUT periodically for a long time. 

I was looking for a way to initiate a shutdown on servers when UPS battery runtime drops to a certain threshold. I never found a published way after much searching. 

I have upsmon running mostly for the email notifications and removed the shutdowncmd command to keep it from running. Rather I'm using a cron job script for "upsc ups at ip.add.rr.ess battery.runtime" to capture the battery capacity and then execute a shutdown when it reaches a trigger. 

This solution fits my needs because some servers need to power down before others (apps before storage). 

Even in FreeNAS I've decided to use the when "UPS goes on battery" timer with a ridiculously large number that can never be reached, and a dummy shutdown command, just to let the cron job do the shutdown. 

Is there another way? 
Is this a sane method? 
Is this a feature that can be requested? 


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