[Nut-upsuser] testing shutdown: pc not restarting; and "ups unavailable" messages

Lee Damon nomad at ee.washington.edu
Thu Feb 1 17:14:51 UTC 2018

> where in the filesystem should I be looking for the NUT shutdown script

It's the SHUTDOWNCMD in upsmon.conf


On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 9:03 AM <nut.user.u830 at neverbox.com> wrote:

> > It actually occurred to me that I could try this with another (any
> other) computer here at work, so I did. I set the BIOS to "always on" after
> power cut. I booted ubuntu. I did "sudo shutdown -h now" from the console.
> The pc switched off as expected. Then I removed the power cable and then
> plugged it back in. According to the theory above, this should have caused
> the computer to detect a power loss and turn itself back on. Instead it
> remained off (as I expected).
> In light of the last few messages I tried again but this time I kept it
> off for a few minutes rather than a few seconds before plugging the power
> cord back in, and this time it did come back on. Wow! (That's still the
> computer at work, though.)
> If it is possible that this is motherboard-dependent I shall have to try
> again with the media server computer at home that is supposed to be rescued
> by the UPS. I envisage two cases.
> 1) if the computer does restart after I switch it off and then pull and (a
> while later) reinsert the power cord, then it stands a chance of working
> with the UPS, but I still need to understand why it hasn't worked so far.
> 2) if the computer stays off, there is little hope that any software
> configuration of nut will make the ups turn it back on; except perhaps for
> Lee's suggestion of "turning it off but not quite". On that note, where in
> the file system should I be looking for the NUT shutdown script please?
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