[Nut-upsuser] Can Not Get UPS to Turn Off After System Shutdown

richjunk at pacbell.net richjunk at pacbell.net
Sun Jul 29 03:02:49 BST 2018


Thank you.  Problem solved.

I switched SHUTDOWNCMD back to the default and added nut.powerfail to
the shutdown runlevel.  Now the UPS turns off after the system shutdown,
if the shutdown is caused by lack of power going to the UPS.

I checked and found the file sys-power:nut-2.7.4-r1:2018...log in
/var/log/portage/elog/*.  It did contain the message you pointed out.
I should have checked that.

Thanks again.


On 07/28/2018 11:03 AM, Denny Page wrote:
> This really isn’t what you want.
> You should use a normal shutdown command on Gentoo:
>   SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h +0”
> When you emerged the NUT package, you should have seen this message:


>  * 
>  * If you want apcupsd to power off your UPS when it
>  * shuts down your system in a power failure, you must
>  * add nut.powerfail to your shutdown runlevel:
>  * 
>  * rc-update add nut.powerfail shutdown
> The thing in particular to pay attention to is the last line.
> Denny
>> On Jul 27, 2018, at 19:14, richjunk at pacbell.net wrote:
>> This is the shutdown command I am using in /etc/nut/upsmon.conf:
>> SHUTDOWNCMD "/usr/sbin/upsdrvctl shutdown Eaton5SC1500 ; /sbin/shutdown
>> -h +0"	
>> The /etc/shutdown part works. The UPS name, Eaton5SC1500, is correct
>> because the command 'upsc Eaton5SC1500' lists the current parameters of
>> the ups.

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