[Nut-upsuser] script to check configuration

James bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed Apr 3 21:38:16 BST 2019

Is there a script to check that the automatic shutdown and logging 
configuration is set right?
I had hoped I set it up right to at least log when it goes and off 
battery but I guess I missed something.

/etc/nut# grep upssched /var/log/syslog
Apr  3 12:31:06 gw upssched[12732]: Timer daemon started
Apr  3 12:31:06 gw upssched[12732]: New timer: onbatt (30 seconds)
Apr  3 12:31:36 gw upssched[12732]: Event: onbatt
Apr  3 12:31:36 gw upssched-cmd: Unrecognized command: onbatt
Apr  3 12:31:51 gw upssched[12732]: Timer queue empty, exiting
Apr  3 16:03:55 gw upssched-cmd: Unrecognized command:

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