[Nut-upsuser] KDE battery icon says "no battery available" after installing NUT

miguel at rozsas.eng.br miguel at rozsas.eng.br
Mon Dec 9 22:44:58 GMT 2019

Hi there,

After I've installed "nut 2.7.4-9ubuntu1" the kde battery icon shows a "no
battery" icon and a tooltip says "no battery available".

Of course, KDE battery icon was showing the basic UPS battery information
(current charge and status, I mean, charging and discharging);

My UPS is connected to PC by USB.
nut.conf has "MODE = standalone" and ups.conf is using driver=usbhid-ups
and pot=auto.

There is no problem with nut/upsc Everything work fine.

I am just annoyed that I've lost usefull information from KDE battery

There is a way to kde battery icon use nut instead its own access method ?

best regards,
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