[Nut-upsuser] why did self test warn?

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at gathman.org
Sat Feb 16 18:58:00 GMT 2019

On Sat, 16 Feb 2019, James wrote:

> Now it says:
> battery.runtime: 1170
> The display on the UPS fluctuates between 16-19 minutes.
> ups.load says 30 constantly and The display on the UPS says 30% so I think 
> that is correct.

battery.runtime is in seconds, so that agrees with the UPS display as

> How you find out your battery was manufactured in 2012?

APC batteries have a smart chip that records stuff like that and can
be read by the UPS.  Another possibility, is that they "refilled"
an old case.  The end result was a substandard (but working - and
cheap) battery.

> How would I know if is the UPS?

That fluctuating runtime sounds suspicious - although the load is also
fluctuating between 32 and 28 in your examples.  Maybe the lower
runtime is a consequence of the higher load?  Why is your load varying?
It might be something plugged into the UPS.  Maybe your server makes
the load difference when CPUs are maxed out?

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