[Nut-upsuser] New User Questions - With Belkin USB

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 04:04:06 BST 2019

On Jul 15, 2019, at 11:15 AM, David White wrote:
> 2. When I check the results from "netstat -t -n" I am NOT finding anything on 3493. Hmmm. I then tried "netstat -l" since there should be a server socket listening on 3494, right? There is nothing of 3493. But I do see an entry with local address = localhost:nut. When I "cat /etc/services" I find nut listed on 3493.
Mistake on my end; I was thinking "netstat -tln" or "netstat -atn". Without the "-n", it looks up "3493" in /etc/services, as you mentioned.

> 3. So I run "netstat -l | grep nut" and I see the socket and I see an entry for what looks like a stream listener tied to /var/run/nut/blazer_usb-belkinusb.
This should be there, but it's the Unix-domain socket (not TCP) between the driver and upsd, so not relevant at the moment.

> 4. I did not know of the -DD option on upsmon and likely would not have thought of this anyhow. In the output I almost immediately see a connection failure to belkinusb at localhost for the socket saying permission denied. That doesn't look right. But not exactly what that means or how to fix it.

I am still confused as to why upsc works, but maybe this is related?

"Android adds a "paranoid network" option to the Linux kernel, which restricts
access to some networking features depending on the group of the calling
process. This option should not be set in any other OS not using Android
security model - because it requires 4 groups with specific UIDs (3001-3005)
to exist, and all relevant users to be added to them - which in our case would
be all users anyways, as that's the "traditional" behavior."


More info:
 * https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Kernel_configuration#CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK
 * https://elinux.org/Android_Security#Paranoid_network-ing

If you can get to the kernel config for the Android side of things, you can check for that CONFIG_... option. If it is enabled, then maybe there is something different about the user ID that upsmon is running under versus upsc.

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