[Nut-upsuser] Data Stale issue

Gareth Davies gareth94 at hotmail.co.uk
Mon May 6 13:10:31 BST 2019


I apologise if I've sent this question to the wrong place/e-mail! I'm new to the site! I was wondering if anyone could help me... I downloaded Network UPS Tools yesterday so that I could receive e-mail notifications of when my UPS switched to battery power. I got it up and running and was working brilliantly! Then, after a while I tested the system by switching off power to my UPS.... I wasn't receiving any e-mail notifications! I was puzzled by this given it had worked perfectly fine just a few minutes (or an hour) before! I then ran the nut-server status command  and saw the following error:

Data for UPS [ups] is stale - check driver
Duplicate driver instance detected! Terminating other driver!

I checked the web and given I have a CyberPower UPS it seemed I had the correct driver stated (usbhid-ups). However after running the command usb-devices in the terminal it indicated that the driver associated with the UPS was 'usbfs'? I changed this in the conf file but no luck 🙁

Just to add to the above, I've tried all other solutions I found on the web such as increasing the MAXAGE, DEADTIME and POLLINTERVAL values....

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I'd be eternally grateful!

Kind Regards

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