[Nut-upsuser] Data Stale issue

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at gathman.org
Mon May 6 17:27:40 BST 2019

On Mon, 6 May 2019, Gareth Davies wrote:

> Just another thing I wanted to mention... once I've resolved the
> aforementioned issues, would it be possible for the system to run without
> any maintenance or checking up on it? What I mean is, once I've plugged it
> into my grandmother's house, I'd like to leave it running and forget about
> it basically - in the knowledge and trust it would notify us if there's ever
> a power cut!

I use nagios (another OSS product) on another linux system (which could
be a VPS or at your house) to check up on NUT installations of that
nature, and warn me if they stop responding.  I also have NUT run a
script to send me an SMS message to notify me of power failures (and
restoration).  You generally need to sign up with a service (email me
privately if you want to know which service I use) to send SMS messages
via a web api.  The going rate is about USD $.01 per SMS.

If the rPi is too fragile, consider getting a small Intel desktop (which
are not much more used than an rPi is new).  The desktop uses more
power, but still tiny compared to air conditioning.

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