[Nut-upsuser] Synology NAS is shutting down Ubuntu servers after very brief power outage (fwd)

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Fri Aug 7 10:47:05 BST 2020

On Thu, 6 Aug 2020, Todd Benivegna wrote:

> ... I grep’d the syslog and here’s the results:

Could you also grep for upsd and upsmon in the NAS log?  Is this possible?

>       proton at proton:~$ sudo grep upsmon /var/log/syslog
>       Aug  6 19:19:09 proton upsmon[1552]: UPS ups at on battery
>       Aug  6 19:19:14 proton upsmon[1552]: UPS ups at on line power
>       Aug  6 19:19:44 proton upsmon[1552]: UPS ups at forced shutdown in progress
>       Aug  6 19:19:44 proton upsmon[1552]: Executing automatic power-fail shutdown

So proton is a slave, and is being made to shut down.

>       Aug  6 19:19:45 proton upsmon[1552]: Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
>       Aug  6 19:19:50 proton upsmon.conf: UPS status is 

The variable USPstatus set by getUPSstatus was not in the environment for the 
echo command.  To get this to work, you'll have to put the upsc commands 
directly in SHUTDOWNCMD, or create a short script and call the script in 

>       Aug  6 19:19:59 proton upsmon[1545]: UPS: ups at (slave) (power value 1)

Could you tell us your topology?  Which system is master and which is slave? 
Do you have multiple slaves?  The decision to shutdown is taken by the master, 
not the slave.

Is it possible to run script http://rogerprice.org/NUT/nut-report on the NAS? 
Could you run the script on one of the slaves and post the result here?


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