[Nut-upsuser] Device recommendation Salicru

Marc Franquesa marc.franquesa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 11:32:41 BST 2020

Sorry, because this is not a technical question rather than a Hardware

I have been using NUT-UPS perfectly for more than 7 years using two
different Eaton/MGE models.

After a battery replacement (replaced 1 year ago) after 5 years of service,
my current unit seems to behave faulty, as just after 1-2 minutes of power
outage, shows the LB battery flag and sets FSD although having enough
battery charge and runtime.

I'm now looking to replace the UPS, but after comparing various vendors and
models (and check against the HCL) I found that the Eaton ones are quite
more expensive than other vendors/models.

I'm thinking to move to a cheaper model, but still have a good device/NUT
support, mainly usb-hid or blazer-usb drivers.

For one side I'm happy with Eaton, however they are quite expensive, and
although in the past supported NUT development I'm not sure if this is
still the same collaborative support.

On the other hand I'm looking to get a Salicru SPS, I've read some good
(and also some bad) reviews of the devices but would like to know of any
NUT-user experience.

So could anyone with experience regarding Salicru/blazer-ups with NUT ?

Should I give them a try or better stick with Eaton as well supported and
good device?

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