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Marc Franquesa marc.franquesa at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 10:55:43 BST 2020

Thanks all for the quick responses on the question (always a good sign of
this mailing list).

(Tim Dawson, Manuel Wolfshant):
Regarding root cause of my current problem pointing to a faulty battery,
this is not the first time that someone points to it. However I made a
simple test with the vendor tools (Windows) and didn't found any issue, as
well as they discharged normally (although only tested without load).

I have no other ways to test the battery themselves, I'm not quite
electricity-tech to make some hackish testing (and dangerous).

(David Zomaya).
Regarding Tripplite, I found many active threads on the mailing list so I
consider it everytime as an alternative, however those devices are a bit
pro/expensive too and they are harder to get/find support on my country
compared with other vendors. However feel free to suggest a model like the
Ellipse ECO 1200VA (in power and price).

Also I found many reports of NUT working devices on the mailing list which
are not reported on the HCL (https://networkupstools.org/stable-hcl.html)
which makes me ask if this list is maintained/updated as well as the
acknowledges section (https://networkupstools.org/acknowledgements.html)

As Bartosz pointed out, I think many of us would like to know of
recommended vendors either for their products quality or for their support
to NUT project.


Missatge de Marc Franquesa <marc.franquesa at gmail.com> del dia dl., 17 d’ag.
2020 a les 12:32:

> Sorry, because this is not a technical question rather than a Hardware
> advice/recommendation.
> I have been using NUT-UPS perfectly for more than 7 years using two
> different Eaton/MGE models.
> After a battery replacement (replaced 1 year ago) after 5 years of
> service, my current unit seems to behave faulty, as just after 1-2 minutes
> of power outage, shows the LB battery flag and sets FSD although having
> enough battery charge and runtime.
> I'm now looking to replace the UPS, but after comparing various vendors
> and models (and check against the HCL) I found that the Eaton ones are
> quite more expensive than other vendors/models.
> I'm thinking to move to a cheaper model, but still have a good device/NUT
> support, mainly usb-hid or blazer-usb drivers.
> For one side I'm happy with Eaton, however they are quite expensive, and
> although in the past supported NUT development I'm not sure if this is
> still the same collaborative support.
> On the other hand I'm looking to get a Salicru SPS, I've read some good
> (and also some bad) reviews of the devices but would like to know of any
> NUT-user experience.
> So could anyone with experience regarding Salicru/blazer-ups with NUT ?
> Should I give them a try or better stick with Eaton as well supported and
> good device?
> Thanks
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