[Nut-upsuser] Belkin USB UPS Not Turning Off

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Wed Jan 1 20:27:32 GMT 2020

On 1/1/20 9:56 PM, David White wrote:
> On 1/1/2020 11:49 AM, David White wrote:
>> Hi Roger and, as always, thanks!
>> I really do not want to wait very long before shutting down things on
>> this UPS. What I think I am doing (or at least trying to do) is to
>> execute a script on the host machine when the UPS is detected by NUT to
>> be on battery power.
>> That script sleeps 20 seconds to ensure that this was not just a power
>> blip (which happens here often) but a real power outage. After 20
>> seconds, the script checks the UPS status via upsc and if it is no
>> longer OB, power is deemed restored and the script exits.
>> If, after 20 seconds, UPS status remains OB then the event is deemed a
>> true power outage and I want to shut down what I can cleanly. To do
>> this, the script issues remote shutdown commands to a set of network
>> connected devices also living on this UPS (but sadly not able to run
>> NUT). As its final step, it issues a command to shut the host machine 
>> down.
>> It seems from what you say above, I need to issue "/sbin/upsdrvctl
>> shutdown" in there somewhere - obviously before I shut the host machine
>> down. I will have to test this to see exactly what that command does.
>> When run w/out arguments, the usage says shutdown shuts down UPS
>> drivers. I am not clear if this means that the UPS itself will be
>> powered off or if simply NUT is shutdown.
>> Thanks
> Well, I just tried "/sbin/upsdrvctl shutdown" and while I see some 
> output and a message shutting down in 30 seconds, nothing happens to 
> the host machine or the UPS. Hmmm.

that command  only stops the drivers. generally speaking, upsdrvctl 
operates *only* on the drivers.

pi at pi:~# upsdrvctl --help
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.4
upsdrvctl: invalid option -- '-'
Starts and stops UPS drivers via ups.conf.

usage: upsdrvctl [OPTIONS] (start | stop | shutdown) [<ups>]

   -h                    display this help
   -r <path>             drivers will chroot to <path>
   -t                    testing mode - prints actions without doing them
   -u <user>             drivers started will switch from root to <user>
   -D                    raise debugging level
   start                 start all UPS drivers in ups.conf
   start <ups>           only start driver for UPS <ups>
   stop                  stop all UPS drivers in ups.conf
   stop <ups>            only stop driver for UPS <ups>
*  shutdown              shutdown all UPS drivers in ups.conf*
   shutdown <ups>        only shutdown UPS <ups>

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