[Nut-upsuser] Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD will not stay shut down when power is disconnected

Layne Fowler layne.fowler at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 02:52:36 GMT 2020

Your suggestion of rebuilding the driver fixed the issue of the UPS turning
back during a power failure. Now the UPS shuts down the clients, then
powers off appropriately. If power returns it turns back on also.

The only bug is if power returns before the UPS has turned the load off. In
that case the UPS will remain off until it is manually turned on.

This might just be a limitation of this model, I don't know. But at least
this behavior is not catastrophic like before. I suppose I can live with
this edge case bug.

Thank you for your help again!

I don't know if my methods are perfect but just in case anyone has the same
issue, here is the change I made:


And here are the commands I used:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install devscripts git
mk-build-deps nut --install --root-cmd sudo --remove
sudo apt remove asciidoc
cd ~/
git clone https://github.com/Laynezilla/nut.git
cd ~/nut
./configure \
--build=`gcc -print-multiarch` \
--includedir=/usr/include \
--mandir=/usr/share/man \
--infodir=/usr/share/info \
--sysconfdir=/etc \
--localstatedir=/var \
--disable-silent-rules \
--libdir=/usr/lib/`gcc -print-multiarch` \
--runstatedir=/run \
--enable-maintainer-mode \
--disable-dependency-tracking \
--sysconfdir=/etc/nut \
--includedir=/usr/include \
--mandir=/usr/share/man \
--libdir=/lib/`gcc -print-multiarch` \
--with-ssl \
--with-nss \
--with-cgi \
--with-dev \
--enable-static \
--with-statepath=/run/nut \
--with-altpidpath=/run/nut \
--with-drvpath=/lib/nut \
--with-cgipath=/usr/lib/cgi-bin/nut \
--with-htmlpath=/usr/share/nut/www \
--with-pidpath=/run/nut \
--datadir=/usr/share/nut \
--with-pkgconfig-dir=/usr/lib/`gcc -print-multiarch`/pkgconfig \
--with-user=nut \
--with-group=nut \
--with-udev-dir=/lib/udev \
--with-systemdsystemunitdir=/lib/systemd/system \
make check VERBOSE=1
cd ~/nut/drivers
sudo upsdrvctl stop
sudo make install
sudo apt remove nut-build-deps
sudo apt remove devscripts
sudo apt autoremove
sudo upsdrvctl start

On Sat, Jan 4, 2020 at 5:15 PM Ken Olum <kdo at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu> wrote:

>    From: Layne Fowler <layne.fowler at gmail.com>
>    Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 16:22:10 -0500
>    I see, so you kept the load.on.delay command but removed the check to
> see
>    if it was handled. Did you do the same thing for the shutdown.stayoff
> logic?
> I didn't, because I don't use that functionality, though it does look as
> though it should be modified in just the same way.
>    This might be a dumb question but did this require you to recompile the
>    kernel? These types of changes are way beyond my depth.
> I rebuilt NUT (saying "make install" seems to have been sufficient).  I
> didn't do anything involving my Linux kernel.
>                                         Ken
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