[Nut-upsuser] nut on armhf, r-pi4b IOW

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Tue Jan 14 05:03:09 GMT 2020

On Monday 13 January 2020 22:42:46 Charles Lepple wrote:

> On Jan 13, 2020, at 10:17 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >>> (I was looking at the hid-subdrivers.txt file in the latest NUT
> >>> tree, which has the command line amended to not generate that "too
> >>> many non-option arguments" error. Also, I wanted it to use the
> >>> existing cps-hid.c tables, not the generic "explore" sub-driver.)
> >>
> >> Attached, about 30 seconds worth
> >
> > Was that enough to get it all?
> I should probably just ask for 60 seconds in the future :-)
> There are nearly 30 seconds' worth of "Quick update..." lines, but
> because the 30-second timer doesn't start until after everything is
> initialized (takes a few seconds at USB 1.1 speeds...), the "Full
> update..." line isn't there.
> But no matter, it is quite similar to the CPS SX650g dump - the HID
> report is byte-for-byte the same. Notably, the "hidrd-convert" tool
> fails part of the way through parsing it, which is why I suspect that
> CPS is not following the HID spec. (That's more applicable for the
> high/low transfer voltages.)
> It does seem to be reporting 0% load, though:
>    0.094786	Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 13 00 00
>    0.094875	Path: UPS.Output.PercentLoad, Type: Feature, ReportID:
> 0x13, Offset: 0, Size: 8, Value: 0 0.094908	Report[buf]: (3 bytes) =>
> 13 00 00
>    0.095318	Path: UPS.Output.Overload, Type: Feature, ReportID: 0x13,
> Offset: 8, Size: 1, Value: 0

At this stage, its so much bigger than the load as its just the pi and 
interface logic on it, nothing else. Under 10 watts for sure.

I should for safety's sake rig an advisory circuit from one of the motor 
supplies, to exert an e-stop signal on a power failure, else when power 
comes back it will start moving motors, without knowing where they are 
since theres no real hardware based position feedback in stepper driven 
machinery. Might see if the vfd has a power fail alarm, its pretty 
smart. Nothing is ever done until the paper is completed.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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