[Nut-upsuser] [EXTERNAL] AVRX750/500 issues

Scott Colby scott at scolby.com
Thu Jul 23 05:29:18 BST 2020

Hi David, thanks for your help with this! My AVR750U is serial
2945CVLOM87C901526. I also have a ticket open with TrippLite support,
#00686888, where they advised me that they don't support NUT
(understandable) and to try the TrippLite software. I'll take a
stab at that to see if the UPS is capable of doing what I want with
the right software and report back here.

Additionally, I spent some time looking at the NUT source code for
the TrippLite HID driver. Product ID 3024 is not listed in the
source at all--I would expect it to be here
This probably explains why the frequency values are wrong in my
`upsc` output; since I'm using a product ID that NUT isn't aware
of, there's no scaling applied.

I'm still concerned that the battery.runtime and battery.charge
were so far off, running for 58 minutes while showing 0 for both
of those values. My other concern, which probably affect's NUT's
ability to work with this UPS, is that the LB flag was never detected
either. I guess I could work around this with upssched, but I'd
rather get things working properly. Also, that wouldn't solve the
problem of not being able to turn off the UPS in software and have
it come back on after a delay/after mains power is restored.

I could likely make a Pull Request against NUT to add product ID
3024 and the proper scaling factor for frequency, but I do not
(yet?) understand this codebase well enough to make any other changes
that may be necessary to fully support the 3024 protocol, which I
think might require changes to how the instcmds are run.

I wonder if Tom Cooper from your first link tested running the
battery down or forcing a shutdown with `upsmon -c fsd`...


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