[Nut-upsuser] [EXTERNAL] AVRX750/500 issues

David Zomaya David_Zomaya at tripplite.com
Thu Jul 23 00:55:40 BST 2020

>>>Thanks for chiming in @David Zomaya.  Tripp Lite replaced my AVRX550U once thinking that the powering back on was a defective unit, but the replacement does the same thing.  The SN on the first one is 2935AVHOM87BB00152.  >>> NUT has my model listed as protocol  2010,
2935AVHOM87BB00152 is Protocol 2012
That said, 2010 and 2012 should be similar. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure how much practical difference there would be for a program like NUT.

>>>so that needs to be corrected to 2012, but I'm not sure if anyone is doing active development on it right now.
Ah, this might explain the delayed reply to the other request on the development list I linked to.

>>> I also have a Tripp Lite OMNIVSX1000D with SN 2904AVLOM87E400114.  That model is not on NUT compatibility list and I have an open ticket (#00681437) to get the relevant protocol information so that I can then submit it to NUT >>> and see about getting support added  to it, but the ticket has been open since May 28 and no protocol information from Tripp Lite.  Any chance you could kick the tires to see what the delay is?
2904AVLOM87E400114 is protocol 3024 which would overlap with that development list request I have in.
I can look into that case, feel free to nudge me if I don't follow up in a day or two. As an FYI, the few issues I link out to in the post below include the general workaround we've seen for 3024 and the usbhid-ups driver. This post summarizes how one user got it working with 3024:

To anyone else reading this that can help:
What would be needed from Tripp Lite to address this from the development mailing list?
The UPSes should be HID-PDC compliant, but if more specific information helps, can you let me know what?

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