[Nut-upsuser] Question refering NUT on raspberry pi and cyberpower OL600 UPS

EP el.popans at t-online.de
Wed Nov 18 00:22:36 GMT 2020



I hope I got the right mailing list. 


I am using NUT server for a while without problems and now I changed my UPS
to a cyberpower OR600ERM1I (attached with a RMCard 205). 

So far, nut-server works as expected with one exception: In the Cyberpower
interface I have set the ups not to return the power before a
battery-recharge of 75 percent. 


But it doesn't work, the load returns immediately after net-power returns,
no matter how much load there ist on the battery. Has anyone an idea, what I
am doing wrong?


Thanks a lot!


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