[Nut-upsuser] loss of communication

Joe Reid jreid at vnet.net
Tue Sep 22 22:24:36 BST 2020

On 9/19/2020 12:38 PM, Dan Langille wrote:
>> On Sep 14, 2020, at 9:12 PM, Joe Reid <jreid at vnet.net 
>> <mailto:jreid at vnet.net>> wrote:
>> rPi3 running current Buster.  I get this far:
> I was doing 'ps auwwx | grep ups'
> On my system, which is attached to the UPS via a USB cable, I see:
> $ ps auwwx | grep ups
> uucp   49176   0.0  0.1   6636   2620  -  Ss   Sun18   6:11.49 
> /usr/local/libexec/nut/usbhid-ups -a ups02
> root   64576   0.0  0.1   6464   2344  -  Is   Sun18   0:00.00 
> /usr/local/sbin/upsmon
> root   75485   0.0  0.1   6472   2396  -  Ss   Sun18   17:04.71 
> /usr/local/sbin/upsd -u root
> Do you see any of that?

I am now and was I.  I went a few days without any ability to talk to 
the UPS beyond lsusb and only now after a reboot of my rPi am I able to 
get upsd and upshid running  Lots of unable to connect errors, even 
after disconnecting the usb connector and reconnecting.  I did have on 
significant change, I used to get lots of info from the UPS when doing:
# lsusb  -vd 10af:0002

Report Descriptor: (length is 753)

that returned a ton of data.  I have a few lsusb where Report Descriptor 
length was returned as -7, and no data, and a timeout getting that, and 
now I get ** UNAVAILABLE ** for Report Descriptors and no data.

>> Broadcast message from nut at nabhas (somewhere) (Mon Sep 14 17:47:14 
>> 2020):
>> UPS networkups is unavailable
> At this point, are the processes you saw before still running?
Yes, the processes were running, it looked like upsmon had died and lost 
connection.  I believe I saw errors to that affect.

There is nothing else on the USB bus, but the other busses in the system 
aren't idle (gps hat tty data).  I have also powered off and back on the 
UPS, and have also disconnected the USB cable from each end to no affect.

I am concerned about the Report Descriptor data loss, am I looking at a 
faulty unit?


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