[Nut-upsuser] [EXTERNAL] Couple questions about the output of upsc command

David Zomaya David_Zomaya at tripplite.com
Mon Jun 14 03:44:25 BST 2021

> The "Output Power" and "Output Load" figures are fixed at 265W and 30% in SSH, which differs from the figures on the LCD.

They should track pretty closely, so that sounds like a problem. Assuming the numbers are not updating on a refresh of the screen (invoked by pressing the enter key), that probably explains (at least some of) the upsc issues.

Can you:
1-  Confirm the firmware version (from the "About" SSH submenu)
2- Reboot the WEBCARDLX.  It sounds like you're local, if so there is a pin reset button you can press and release just above/below (depending on card orientation) the Ethernet LEDs. Alternatively, you can reboot via the SSH menu or CLI.
3- Let me know what issues persist  after the card boots back up

I plan to run some SNMP/NUT tests later this week that will help answer the general questions, but I'd like to get you up and running before that if we can.

Thank you,
David Zomaya
Tripp Lite

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