[Nut-upsuser] UPS restart after power-off

Phil Chadwick phil.chadwick at claremont.farm
Fri Apr 29 04:30:55 BST 2022


I have NUT installed on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p11.  It's installed from a
standard package, derived from nut-2.7.4.tar.gz.

The UPS is a CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD:

    driver.version: 2.7.4
    driver.version.data: CyberPower HID 0.4
    driver.version.internal: 0.41
    ups.productid: 0501

I am suffering from a bug regarding the "ondelay" setting in ups.conf:


The "ondelay" setting in ups.conf is applied to "ups.delay.start" inside the
UPS non-volatile memory.

The difference between CP1500EPFCLCD UPSs and others is:

  - other UPSs apply ups.delay.start seconds AFTER wall power returns; and
  - the CP1500EPFCLCD applies ups.delay.start seconds AFTER shutdown.

So if I set "offdelay = 90" and "ondelay = 100" the UPS re-starts 10 seconds
after it shuts down.  The only way to stop this (and leave the UPS shut down
until wall power returns) is to set "ondelay = 0".

This means that the CP1500EPFCLCD (and probably similar CyberPower UPSs) have
no option to delay the power up load.  It's always immediate.  So there is
no chance to charge the batteries, or allow another UPS to bring up the
network first.

I'm looking for recommendations to replace the CP1500EPFCLCD with something
that can delay start-up after the wall power returns.  It must support 
"ups.delay.start" to wait before restarting the load after power-up, and 
the more of these it supports, the better:

    ups.delay.start         -- Interval to wait (after power-up) before
                               restarting the load (seconds)
    battery.charge.restart  -- Minimum battery level for UPS restart
                               after power-off
    battery.runtime.restart -- Minimum battery runtime for UPS restart
                               after power-off (seconds)
    outlet.n.delay.start    -- Interval to wait before restarting this
                               outlet (seconds)

The CP1500EPFCLCD is a "consumer grade" device.  The rating
(ups.realpower.nominal) is 900W.  It's street price is about US$265 (in
Australia).  I accept that I will probably have to pay more than that to
get acceptable behaviour.

However, this is a home office application.  My steady-state load through
the UPS is about 280W, but I need to allow head-room for start-up current,
and maybe 30% growth.

I'd appreciate suggestions for the replacement.

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