[Nut-upsuser] Where is nut-scanner on raspberry pi?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Thu Aug 11 16:16:38 BST 2022

華敏 座利 via Nut-upsuser <nut-upsuser at alioth-lists.debian.net> writes:

> Thanks, I'll check it out. Still would like to know why the documentation
> shows there should be a nut-scanner and it doesn't install on raspb o/s.
> But I do appreciate the tips on how to find what I need now. Thank you
> again !

You are having two problems:

  Your distribution is very old.  Generally, projects do not support old
  versions just because some old distribution has them.  I have no
  formal standing in nut, but in places where I do, I say "bug reports
  are accepted only against the latest formal release or the tip of
  master".  If you are running old code you should get support from the
  packaging system that provides old code.
    [However, Debian 11 has ups-nut 2.74.]

  It seems that Debian's nut package doesn't install nut-scanner.  If
  that's because the default build installs it, but they chose not to,
  that is an issue you have with them and it would be appropriate to
  file a Debian bug.  But there might be a ups-nut-scanner package that
  has that separately.  And if the default build doesn't install it for
  some reason, that's an actual ups-nut issue.

Note that it also might be that you are running such an old version of
nut that nut-scanner wasn't included but probably not.  But probably not.

Note also that you can't use the current up-to-date nut documentation
about old versions and expect it to be right.  You need to use the same
version of docs.

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