[Nut-upsuser] Where is nut-scanner on raspberry pi?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Thu Aug 11 16:55:51 BST 2022

It turns out that there is a bug in nut about this, in 2.8.0.

I checked the pkgsrc package, and it doesn't have nut-scanner.  Usually
what is packaged is what upstream installs.  On digging in, I found that
the package did not declare a dependency on libltldl and thus it was not
visibile during the build, and nut-scanner was not built.

The first bug is that this is not documented in INSTALL.nut.  If it
were, it would be a package bug not to provide it.  It is sort of hinted
at that somehwere else there is a list of prereqs, and I eventually
found them, but I think "this is what you need installed to build", even
if a pointer, should be front and center in a really-hard-to-miss way.
And, there is a huge list of per-OS, without first things being
described in terms of upstream package names in an
OS/distribution-agnostic manner.

The second bug is that the nut-scanner man page is installed even if
nut-scanner is not built.  Probably the fix is to move man pages to be
with their programs so docs/code match, but that is surely a can of
worms and just conditionalizing it in the Makefile.am the same way that
the nut-scanner subdir is conditionalized is reasonable.

I changed pkgsrc to depend on libltldl and now I get nut-scanner.  I'll
likely commit that change.  But, the main nut package does not use usb,
and I haven't figured out how that works with the usb split package.

(I am not meaning to assert that nut-scanner does or does not belong as
default or that users should or should not use it.)

The nut-scanner I got doesn't seem that useful:

    -C, --complete_scan: Scan all available devices except serial ports (default).
  * Options for USB devices scan not enabled: library not detected.
  * Options for SNMP devices scan not enabled: library not detected.
  * Options for XML/HTTP devices scan not enabled: library not detected.
    -O, --oldnut_scan: Scan NUT devices (old method).
  * Options for NUT devices (avahi method) scan not enabled: library not detected.
  * Options for IPMI devices scan not enabled: library not detected.
    -E, --eaton_serial <serial ports list>: Scan serial Eaton devices (XCP, SHUT and Q1).
    -T, --thread <max number of threads>: Limit the amount of scanning threads running simultaneously (not implemented in this build: no pthread support)
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