[Nut-upsuser] shutdown.return from a custom client

Gennadiy Poryev vecanoi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:18:24 GMT 2023

May be, I don't know. My UPS doesn't autopower on after charging its 
batteries full.

Anyway how do I test it? There has to be some specific way of shutting 
down to see if that works or not.

01.01.2023 20:41, Jim Klimov пише:
> With some APC rack SmartUPSes of early 2000's, as well as some larger 
> Eaton devices, I remember them auto-powering on the load only after 
> they charge "enough" (configurable in Eatons at least) to run for say 
> 10 minutes - so they can tell the load to power off and hold it up 
> long enough to guarantee safe shutdown if another outage happens. So 
> those do turn on, but after an hour or so. Can this be your case?
> Jim
> On Sun, Jan 1, 2023, 19:00 Gennadiy Poryev via Nut-upsuser 
> <nut-upsuser at alioth-lists.debian.net> wrote:
>     Yes, that one. It made me thinking there might be some sidetrick
>     to do an actual shutdown.return even if it is currently reported
>     as not available.
>     Yes, I know all these technicalities. Fortunately, load.off.delay
>     works as expected in my case, with a granularity of a second,
>     because of course I live-tested it. Determinate or not, 15 seconds
>     turned out to be enough for all servers to shutdown themselves so
>     by the time load is turned off, nothing is working from it. That
>     is not the problem.
>     No, the power won't return that quick. It usually takes 3 to 4
>     hours. Local specifics, so no power races in this case. Not the
>     problem also.
>     I am not newbie to the Linux world as I use Gentoo throughout, but
>     I wasn't able to quickly figure out how to setup
>     upsmon(+upssched?) to perform the tasks I need. The workflow I
>     need seems to be marginal compared to the typical scenarios.
>     Custom solution also allows me to integrate things like SMS
>     notification in the process.
>     But once again, this is not the problem.
>     The problem is getting UPS to turn on the load as soon as power
>     mains returns. Servers will start automatically. If a way to do
>     this with my model is discovered, I will modify my daemon to use
>     it instead of just load.off.delay'ing.
>     So, where do I look/dig ? Or is this a dead end and I better buy
>     other UPS model with an actual support?
>     Best regards,
>     G.
>>         So the daemon I wrote connects to upsd and monitors
>>         input.voltage and
>>         ups.status. BTW had to override pollinterval = 1 and pollfreq
>>         = 1 in
>>         ups.conf to make input.voltage report input voltage in more
>>         or less
>>         real-time instead of cached.
>>         The code logic is such that as soon as input.voltage goes below
>>         input.transfer.low and ups.status goes from OL to OB the farm
>>         shutdown
>>         is initiated and ups is issued INSTCMD load.off.delay command
>>         and is
>>         smart enough to shut itself down too.
>>         So far this part of the project works OK -- the farm turns
>>         itself off
>>         nicely and unattended.
>>         BUT.
>>         There seem to be lack of facility to do shutdown.return
>>         though. Still
>>         have to to that manually each time.
>>         I've attached upsc/upscmd/upsrw outputs but so far haven't
>>         figured out a
>>         combination that might do the trick. Provided my UPS can do
>>         it, of
>>         course, but why shouldn't it?
>>          From what I've read in the certain discussion on this
>>         maillist that
>>         occurred 12 years ago and from nut documentation I suspect
>>         the hope is
>>         not lost and it is possible to somehow hack in proper
>>         shutdown.return
>>         But my expertise ends here. Should anyone help me run all the
>>         debug mode
>>         magic I've read of and make good use of it, my thankfullness
>>         will have
>>         no bounds.
>>         Best regards,
>>         G.
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