[Nut-upsuser] UPS driver polling interval

Jim Klimov jimklimov+nut at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 18:15:39 GMT 2023

As the man pages say, `pollinterval` is about primarily `ups.status`.

Other values may be scanned as rarely as `pollfreq` in drivers that support
it (hopefully named consistently). Certain drivers or their options allow
for interrupt-based activity vs. "pollonly" mechanism, which has its
upsides (reactivity) and downsides (does not work for each and every OS/HW

The `snmp-ups` for example also supports "semi-static" values like location
which are updated, but very infrequently.


On Mon, Jan 9, 2023 at 7:07 PM Greg Troxel <gdt at lexort.com> wrote:

> Mike via Nut-upsuser <nut-upsuser at alioth-lists.debian.net> writes:
> > I have an APC SmartUPS 3000 RM monitored via NUT.  I was planning to use
> > collectd or some such to poll the values (voltage, battery level, etc)
> > from UPSC.  I was just curious as to how oftem that data gets updated?
> > One thing I'm quite interested in measuring is how the utility voltage
> > changes over time, so I'd like to poll upsd as often as I can but there
> > seems little point in doing so if the driver is not polling the UPS that
> > often!  Does anyone know how often the APC driver polls the UPS for
> > things like line voltage?
> In general upsc will show
>   driver.parameter.pollinterval: 1
> that's on bestfortress that I set to 1 instead of 2.
> As to whether all params are received every poll interval, good question
> and I'd read the source, but just log and plot for a while and it should
> be easy to tell.
> Utility voltage likely varies over daily timescales, seconds due to big
> loads and ms-level due to faults.   The latter is basically not
> observable with nut monitoring.   I've been logging this, but I log
> once/minute and also once/second log only if the data is interesting
> relative to last log.  This is to get prompt monitoring detection of low
> (as in 0) line voltage.
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