Complete resync? (was: No sync anymore)

Daniel Meszaros spam at
Thu Nov 5 10:09:14 GMT 2009

Hi there,

I've re-done my tidy-up action on the GoogleMail account but still 
cannot re-sync both accounts. So I decided to have a complete resync to 
have this issue resolved somewhen.

As far as I know offlineimap resyncs completely after I have deleted the 
~/.offlineimap folder. Can someone confirm this? What happens then with 
my local email in ~/Maildir? Is it being overwritten or will just the 
differences be synced? Who wins? GoogleMail or my local Maildir?

Or would it be better deleting the local Maildir AND .offlineimap 
folders and getting the complete data backsynced from GoogleMail? I 
could check my sent items in the local Maildir  before - they should be 
the only content that differs. :-/

What can you suggest?


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