Complete resync? (was: No sync anymore)

Daniel Meszaros spam at
Mon Nov 9 10:04:35 GMT 2009

Hi there,

no response yet on my last email in the list but I guess I can give some 
update and (somehow also a) solution on the issue... :-)

After having reorganized my IMAP mailbox (moving and deleting more than 
700 emails) offlineimap crashed and did not "want" to sync the changes 
towards the GoogleMail account. John answered that the mail provider 
(i.e. Google) could have a limit on deleting emails through IMAP.

I already planned to delete my local Maildir and ro resync the complete 
mailbox off the GoogleMail server. So I did the same cleanup on the 
GoogleMail account, too. This was on Friday and AFAIR the sync did not 
yet work again after that.

Yesterday I put some more RAM into the box (512MB -> 1GB) and obviously 
that resolved the issue. Offlineimap works properly again!


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