Initial mailbox sync and connection problems

Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at
Sat Apr 10 22:23:57 BST 2010

Dan Christensen wrote:
> I have trouble with exceptions during large copies unless I set
> maxconnections = 1
> Did you by any chance increase it?

Yes, I did, but I'm not sure it was the root cause.

Sorry for my late reply. I encountered the problems on an embedded 
device (a Nokia N900 mobile phone, to be precise), and had to send the 
device back and wait for a replacement due to other technical problems.

Meanwhile I tried to reproduce the problems on my laptop, yet in vain.

I guess the crashes were caused by WIFI connectivity problems in the 
first place. I'm using different WIFI settings in my home network now 
due to general WIFI reliability issues and so far did not have any major 
problems syncing IMAP accounts with the new unit.

I'll post additional debug details in case I experience any problems 

Still, I'm confused as of why OfflineIMAP did not recognise the mails it 
had already synced at the time of the crash (or connection breakdown)...



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