Curses.Blinkenlights debugging

Arian Kuschki arian.kuschki at
Sun Apr 11 10:09:24 BST 2010

O n Sat 10, 19:52 -0700, Kurt Granroth wrote: 
> Can I take the lack of responses to mean that nobody else sees this?

Not exactly an answer to your problem but hopefully related enough:
unlike about any other ncurses app I use, the Blinkenlights interface
does not seem to honour my system colour settings completely. Some of
the colours (like the title bar) are affected by the settings in my
.Xdefaults, but the background for example will stay black no matter
what I try even though every other ncurses app has a white background on
my system.

Maybe whatever causes your problem can be fixed by making offlineimap
honour system colour settings 100%? I for one would be very happy with
such a fix.

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