current repository

Tim Gray lists+offimap at
Thu Dec 2 06:01:42 GMT 2010

So there's been a lot of activity on the list about patches and maintenance. 
Finally. :)  So where is the current repository hosted?  I can't say that 
I'll be contributing any time soon, but I'm certainly willing to test out 
new builds, etc. that I can pull with git.  Is there a wiki, bug tracking 
page, or anything associated with it?

I am familiar with Python (I use it for data analysis), but I can't say I've 
ever poked around a project like offlineimap, so while I can understand 
what's going on in the code, I'm not necessarily comfortable with developing 
a program this complex.  But maybe I'll get there one day if I can 
participate with the testing side of things.

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