[PATCH 1/2] Make a main class OfflineImap that is being called

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at sspaeth.de
Mon Dec 6 13:19:36 GMT 2010

On Mon, 6 Dec 2010 13:09:33 +0000, Nicholas Cole <nicholas.cole at gmail.com> wrote:
> > now we do:
> > from offlineimap import OfflineImap
> >
> > offlineimap = OfflineImap()
> > offlineimap.startup('6.2.0')
> Does this mean that OfflineImap can be used within another
> application?  If so, is there any documentation (or example code) on
> how to do this?

Yes, that would essentially mean it.

Currently you would have to:

 from offlineimap import init
and modify sys.argv to contain the command line options you want (if
 any) :-). Which is essentially what /usb/in/offlineimap does.

(or alternatively you have to use lower-level functions which isn't easy and is part
 of the reason why I propose this patch).

With this (*and* another patch that I want to propse soon), you could
invoke offlineimap from any python app via:

From offlineimap import OfflineImap
offlineimap = OfflineImap(['list','of','command','line','options'])

So easier reuse from other python apps is on my list.

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