Assertion error?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Dec 14 09:22:26 GMT 2010

> >> Dovecot v2.0.8
> >
> > Thanks, that's what I needed, we should probably collect server quirks
> > on some wiki page or so?
> Sorry, I think I got your question wrong. The *remote* server is running
> Dovecot 1.2.15, the local one is v2.0.8. But this concerns just the
> remote side, right?

Ahh, this is IMAP<->IMAP? I thought it was about IMAP<->Maildir :).

Good question, then I don't even know which server complains about
appending to "spam". But I would *guess* this is the remote server
complaining. As downloading *new* spam to your local side seems to work
fine. So this is probably some configuration on your mail providers side...

Still not sure what we can do in the situation that a server refuses to
accept "APPEND"s to one of its folders.


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