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Tue Dec 14 02:08:19 GMT 2010

Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at> writes:

> On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 21:57:31 +0100, Philipp Haselwarter <philipp.haselwarter at> wrote:
>> Well guessed, it in fact is a spam folder :)
>> Still, it doesn't actually differ from any other folder. Apart from the
>> fact that it is probably the one with the highest traffic.
> Well, your server does treat it different from all the other folders, in
> that it does not allow to "put" any mail there. If you move a mail from
> your INBOX to your spam folder, offlineimap will not move the email from
> one folder to another, but it will a) delete the mail from the INBOX and
> b) upload the mail from the local Spam to the remote Spam folder as if
> it were a different mail. And that uploading to "Spam" is what dovecot
> seems to object to.

I did some more tests, and it really seams like the Spam folder is the
only one causing trouble. Between other groups copying/moving mail seems
to work fine, but as soon some new mail gets added to Spam (manually,
downloading new mail from the server works fine), I get the same
problem. Another log file is attached.

>> Dovecot v2.0.8
> Thanks, that's what I needed, we should probably collect server quirks
> on some wiki page or so?

Sorry, I think I got your question wrong. The *remote* server is running
Dovecot 1.2.15, the local one is v2.0.8. But this concerns just the
remote side, right?

Philipp Haselwarter

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