[PATCH 1/4] Do away with UI plugins and simplify calling the GUI

Leif Walsh leif.walsh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 18:06:16 GMT 2010

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 9:27 AM, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de> wrote:
> Blinkenlights was not optimal for various reasons, e.g. Exceptions
> would be hidden as the screen immediately reset itself after exit. It
> also frequently messed up the screen when offlineimap crashed.

Please don't completely remove a feature because you don't like it or
think it has a couple bugs.  The typical way to handle these things is
to either fix it or file a bug report so someone else can, and if
nobody does for a few months or a year, you can mark it deprecated and
remove it after another year or so.

> Simplify the names of the GUIs to something that a mortal can actually
> remember, make them "TTY, Basic, Quiet, Machine" with TTY being the
> default.

You are introducing changes that will break existing configuration.
Have you documented this in enough places?  Does the code fail
gracefully given an old config?  Echoing Nicolas, this patch needs to
be broken up into smaller pieces, in particular so that I can answer
these questions for myself by reading the code.  With a patch this big
affecting this many pieces of code and features, I don't want to look
through it to figure these out.

It also looks like you have a bunch of "code style" changes sprinkled
in.  It is best (though I understand, annoying) to separate these from
"application logic" changes, for the same reason.  I would rather not
read every line of your patch to determine what it does, it would be
nicer if every line in a patch could be a change to make the same one
thing happen, because that's the topic.

Other than that though, keep up the hard work (assuming it's good, I
haven't read the patch ;-).


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