X-OfflineIMAP header and Exchange

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Feb 4 16:42:12 GMT 2010

Christoph Höger wrote:
> Hi Dominic,
> since John wants to orphan offlineimap for some time now, how about
> making your rewrite offlineimap 7?
> A fork would be a bad idea IMO. This way you get the userbase and some
> more helpers (you could e.g. use my dynamic plugin patch that John still
> did not find the time to apply). Also a switch to python 3 seems at the
> time.

This is something of a question of semantics.  Obviously at this point
Dominic doesn't have code that is a full replacement for OfflineIMAP, so
calling it "OfflineIMAP 7" would be rather confusing.

If/when he does produce a finished product, that has the features and
stability of what we have now and a migration path, then I'd be happy to
"bless" it as OfflineIMAP 7 and hand the maintainer mantle over to him.

-- John

> regards
> Christoph
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