Return code of offlineimap

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Thu Jan 7 07:39:05 GMT 2010

Hi all,

first of all, let me mention that offlineimap is an incredible, central
part of my email setup.  So thanks a lot!

I use a simple shell script for getting mail.  It's basically

  offlineimap -o && notmuch new && write_some_log_entry

and a cronjob runs it every 10 minutes.  But sometimes, I'm impatient,
and call it from the cmd line.  Sometimes, I run it without knowing that
offlineimap is already running.  Then I get a message, that another
instance is already running on that metadata dir, and it finishes.  But
still, notmuch (a mail indexer) is run in that case.

So it seems, offlineimap returns a zero exit code when it cannot run.
Could that be changed to return non-zero exit codes when it couldn't run
properly, like 1 for already running, 2 for a network problem, 3 for a

This would make it easier to write shell scripts using offlineimap.


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